Monday, October 05, 2015

Attorney defending Kim Davis is an awful liar

Yesterday, the Associated Press published a wonderful article on the anti-gay Liberty Counsel, its lying defense of Kim Davis, and the fact that it is labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Instead of yelling "what took you so long," I read the article thoroughly while enjoying the fact that millions will finally see the Liberty Counsel  as a homophobic group masquerading as a Christian organization.

I did catch one vital part, however:

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the Liberty Counsel as an anti-gay hate groups for spreading false information.

"A group that regularly portrays gay people as perverse, diseased pedophiles putting Western civilization at risk are way, way over the line," said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the center. The Liberty Counsel has connected homosexuality to higher rates of promiscuity and incest, Potok said, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. The firm opposes laws banning hate crimes and supports discredited conversion therapies that purport to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals. Staver once declared that the Boy Scouts would become a "playground for pedophiles" once it allowed gay troop leaders.

Staver, his hair bright white and his ties usually red, contends his quotes were taken out of context and he has legal arguments for the rest: hate crime laws infringe on free speech, he believes, and gay conversion therapies should be available to those who want them because he believes in "personal autonomy." "It is irresponsible and reckless to call someone a hate group because you disagree with them," he said.

Staver continues to play the victim but as recent events demonstrated, he is a terrible liar. These are comments made by Staver which correspond to the above accusations.

Comments he made about Boy Scouts and gays:

His claim that marriage equality is leading America to the pit of hell:

 And there are recordings of other statements, including when he called gays demonic and defended oppressive anti-gay laws in other countries such as Russia and Nigeria.

Out of context, my foot!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Pope Francis/Kim Davis meeting is now officially a full-blown juicy scandal made worse by new Liberty Counsel lies

Vatican: Pope's Meeting With Kim Davis 'Not A Form Of Support' - When it comes to news stories, I don't like to follow the huge crowd in repeating one, but this is the BIG story of the time right now. The Vatican is scrambling to downplay the Pope's meeting with Kim Davis. Is you ask me, they should have been scrambling a bit quicker instead of coming out with this explanation days later.

Charles Pierce nailed it: The Vatican confirms Pope Francis was “ratf*cked” into meeting Kim Davis - Well I think that puts it about right . . .

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver Calls Out Lying Media: We Never Said Pope Francis Supports Kim Davis - And Mat Staver is backtracking. Of course he would be marginally successful except for the following press release issued by the Liberty Counsel on Sept. 29. This is only a partial jpeg of the release. Click on the link to read it entirely. One wonders if the Liberty Counsel will either edit or do away with it:

The Vatican Contradicts Liberty Counsel's Claims About Kim Davis' Meeting With Pope Francis - And let's wrap this up with a concise breakdown by Right Wing Watch.

I think it's safe to assume that we are now at the level of a full-blown scandal here. That being the case, let's take a look at the BIG LOSERS of the debacle

Pope Francis - One short meeting has totally wrecked any good will he hoped to garner by visiting the United States.

The Vatican - A scandal is only made worse when there is no quick and complete push back. If Pope Francis is looking like a horse's ass here, it is only because the Vatican failed him tremendously.

Kim Davis - She doesn't garner any "cool points" here. She gets no boost from the visit. Instead, I think the little credibility she had has been diminished.

The Liberty Counsel - Speaking of an entity with very little credibility. Everyone is probably completely pissed at this group. I mean we are talking "pissed to the highest levels of pissivity" - The Vatican, Pope Francis, the folks supporting Pope Francis's visit, the lgbt community (who have already been justifiably angry at the antics of this group.) Fresh off of being caught passing along a phony story of a Peruvian prayer rally for Davis, this group and its leader, Mat Staver, has just demonstrated that there is no level too low for them to stoop and no spin too outrageous enough for them to push. They have helped to wreck Pope Francis' credibility and their own argument of  'religious liberty.' And the lgbt community barely lifted a finger for this to happen.

As an lgbt activist, I should be angry. But as a child of the South weaned on afternoon soap operas with dishy plots,  I am so loving this. God help me, I am soooo loving this.

Apology for 'gays are a health hazard' comment brings up much needed chance for conversation

A university president's apology for anti-gay comments made over 30 years ago brings up a painful, but much needed "blast from the past" for the lgbt community:

University of Akron President Scott L. Scarborough apologized Wednesday for anti-gay comments he made as a student government president in 1985.

As head of the Students' Association at the University of Texas at Austin, Scarborough protested against a resolution that urged the school's regents to enact a policy barring discrimination against lesbian and gay individuals. In his objection, he suggested gay men contracted AIDS from contact with "fecal matter" and warned that hiring anyone who was gay was a "potential health hazard," according to newly unearthed newspaper articles from the time.

"Like many people, my views have evolved over the last 30 years," Scarborough told The Huffington Post in a statement Wednesday. "We all have learned much since those days and, if I knew then what I know now, I would not have taken the steps that I did or said what I did as a student in the 1980s. I sincerely regret any offense or concern those past actions or statements have caused."

The 30-year-old newspaper clippings from the Daily Texan were published Wednesday by anonymous university activists calling themselves Graduates Over Greed. Additional microfilm clips, located by HuffPost, are reproduced below. Two witnesses from the time corroborated the newspaper accounts.

As comical as it may seem now, Scarborough's mindset  about lgbts was prevalent and in the mainstream. They were repeated continuously by many, including Sean Hannity, about our community, particularly during the AIDS crisis. The pictures below from a 1980s comic book endorsed by anti-gay group Concerned Women for America, and a U.S. Congressman William Dannemeyer emphasizes this point. It was all a part of the "homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle" talking point which was very popular back then. And very inaccurate:

The irony is that many of the group pushing this talking point have abandoned it and have focused on the "protecting religious liberty" racket. Nevertheless, it continues to be repeated by those of an extremely homophobic nature.

But Scarborough's apology brings much needed attention on this ugly part of the war against lgbt equality. The historical demonization of the lgbt community is nothing to laugh at by anyone,  no matter how far we have come.

 Just as the historical demonization of the African-American and Jewish community have been examined with all seriousness, the same must be done to the past claims and images which served to stigmatize lgbts

Thursday, October 01, 2015

'Columnist floats interesting theory on Pope, Kim Davis meeting' & other Thur midday news briefs

The Vatican needs to give answers about the Kim Davis meeting.

The Pope, Kim Davis, and the secret meeting - Lgbts have very good reason to be angry with the Pope right now after we all learned of his secret meeting with anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. Personally I think there is more to it than that and the Vatican needs to start talking. On MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell last night, columnist E.J. Dionne gave his theory on how the meeting may have taken place. He claims it was pushed by a conservative Cardinal, the Pope wasn't actually aware of who Davis was, and American bishops were totally against the meeting. It would explain a lot of gaps in this story. However, until the Vatican starts talking, gaps are all we are going to have. 

Indiana GOP’s House Leader resigns after texting sexually explicit video of himself cheating on wife to everyone on his “Contacts” list - No doubt you have already heard of how stupidity led to the resignation of an anti-gay "religious liberty" proponent in Indiana. If not, enjoy. If so, still enjoy! 

Here's What It's Like To Grow Up Intersex - Fascinating story which I will think about every time some "person" says things like "God made man and woman and that's it." 

  Christian Town Official Attacks Gay Teen Denied Homecoming Date: WATCH - Not a physical attack, but still a nasty thing to do. Let me guess. The child was "persecuting" him . . .  

'Sweet Cakes' Bakers Defy Order To Pay Lesbian Couple - You lost! Now get up off the money.

Knowing LGBT History Is Knowing Yourself - It's LGBT History Month starting today. How much of our history do you know?

Theodore Shoebat - The homophobe TOO psychotic to completely ignore

This is Theodore Shoebat. As evidenced by this above video of his advocating a global death tribunal for lgbts, he is PSYCHO. He is also, until recently, a prominent columnist at the vile anti-gay publication Barbwire.

Apparently he has been doing this "death to sodomites" act for a while and anti-gay activist Matt Barber just recently got around to deleting his columns from Barbwire.

His father, Walid Shoebat, has claimed that he himself was a former terrorist until CNN exposed him as a fraud.

With all due respect, the rotten apple didn't fall that far from the rotted tree. It would be nice to ignore Theodore, but there are just some people so crazy, you can't ignore them. For reasons of your own health.

By the way, I wouldn't join Theodore's twitter feed if I were you. He likes to post things which makes that recent Green Inferno cannibalism movie look like a Disney animated feature.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Is the Liberty Counsel attempting to remake Kim Davis into the evangelical 'Nelson Mandela?'

Is the Liberty Counsel attempting to transform Kim Davis
Why Did Pope Francis Meet With Kim Davis?  

Based on the two above news briefs, it's beginning to look more and more like the Pope did have a secret audience with anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. But hold up before going off half-cocked. I love y'all, my lgbt brothers and sisters but there are times when you are quick with the outrage but slow with the thought process. Details are still coming out what exactly was the meeting about, who arranged it, who said what, or why it even happened. But I have a theory you should really think about.

Earlier this week, Davis' lawyers was claiming that 100,000 Peruvians held a prayer rally for her. They even passed along a picture supposedly proving such until the picture was proven to be from 2014. They were then forced to say the picture wasn't factual. But let's imagine for a moment that the truth about the picture wasn't discovered. With the idea fresh in our minds that 100,00 Peruvians allegedly rallied in Davis' honor, this announcement that she met the Pope who supposedly told her to "stay strong" would hit the news services.

All that would be left is someone, let's say Fox News' Todd Starnes, Mike Huckabee, or any other right-wing source like The Blaze, American Family Association's One News Now, the Heritage Foundation, etc.  to suddenly anoint Davis as the Christian "Nelson Mandela" with as much zeal as they compared her to MLK or Rosa Parks when this thing first began.

You see where I'm going with this?

In the United States, Davis isn't exactly winning many followers for her illegal stance. However if she is seen as an international symbol for alleged anti-Christian persecution, then who cares about the United States because the hype machine would send her reputation through the stratosphere on a worldwide level, reaching people who aren't aware or don't care about the true story.  Like Nelson Mandela during his long imprisonment became the international symbol against apartheid in South Africa, she would become an international symbol of  so-called "religious liberty" or "homosexual oppression" (which by the way doesn't even exist.)

It's just a theory but definitely something to keep in mind. So I would suggest that my lgbt brothers and sisters be careful to not bare their fangs to much that they miss the con which could be done on us all.

Anti-gay publication runs graphic claiming 'Christian holocaust' perpetrated by gays

Fresh from being caught up in the embarrassment of the Kim Davis Peruvian Rally Hoax, the anti-gay publication Barbwire ran the above image to accompany the article Today It’s the Christians.

Apparently, the article is about the belief that Christians in American are entering a holocaust like the Nazis launched against people of the Jewish faith.

Whatever, guys. After the Peruvian Rally hoax, I'm not sure anyone should believe your powers of predictions.

More about the article and the person behind it, Janet Porter, here.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

'Kim Davis' lawyers admit 'prayer rally photo' is a hoax' & other Tue midday news briefs

Kim Davis' lawyers admits that this photo is not true.

Kim Davis’ Attorneys Finally Admit This Isn’t A Picture Of A Massive Kim Davis Rally In Peru - The Liberty Counsel claims that it's an honest mistake. Suuuure it is. Look, it may be but based on the Liberty Counsel's track record of distortions and lies (particularly from Mat Staver and Matt Barber), I REFUSE to give the organization the benefit of the doubt. 

Just in case you missed the earlier story - Think Progress knocks Kim Davis supporters out with irrefutable proof of their lies

Meanwhile, some very EVIL, EVIL folks are rubbing it in (I call them evil because I didn't get a chance to get my digs in):

In other news: 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Think Progress knocks Kim Davis supporters out with irrefutable proof of their lies

Apparently, there has been somewhat of an online war going on today between the progressive site Think Progress and the supporters of Kim Davis.

Last weekend, Mat Staver head of the organization defending Davis for her illegal act of denying couples their marriage license, made the claim that over 100,000 Christians in Peru held a prayer rally for her. He posted the following image:

.However, Zack Ford, head of ThinkProgress LGBT (and a good friend of mine) contended that Staver's claim was a lie. Based upon his investigation, Ford said the picture came from a prayer rally known as “Jesús Te Ama Y Te Cambia” (“Jesus Loves You And Changes You), which did take place in Peru — over five days in May, 2014.

Icons for LGBT History Month - the list I hope to someday make

In light of this Stonewall nonsense, it's important to remember that lgbt heroes come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, religions, and racial ethnicities.Some may have embraced civil disobedience, while others used other means to remind people of our basic humanity or the war of lies and propaganda waged against us. Some were famous, but some were not.

From the Equality Forum comes the list of LGBT History Month 2015 Icons (because October is LGBT History Month). It's a list that I hope to make someday as a  cerebral African-American lgbt who may not have been able to act, sing, play a sport, or achieve a high level of fame, but played a huge role in exposing and dismantling vestiges of homophobic propaganda, thereby clearing the way to our eventual full equality.

'Anti-gay spokespeople caught lying about Kim Davis support' & other Mon midday news briefs

Did this massive crowd in Peru gather in support of Kim Davis? Hell no.

No, 100,000 People Did Not Gather In Peru To Support Kim Davis. Here’s Proof. - Looky here. Kim Davis' lawyer and others members of the anti-gay right have been caught lying about a prayer rally in Peru supposedly in support of her stance. And it is here which opens another avenue where the anti-gay right can defeat us.  When reading this, many of you will probably yawn and give a cute comment about how anti-gay hate groups have been caught lying yet again. That's a problem which needs to be talked about. It would seem that when the anti-gay right can't beat us with outright lying, they will constantly repeat the same lies in order to desensitize us. It's the equivalent of being struck until you are numb. It takes away your outrage and desire to expose the lie.  When you stop exposing the lies, they can gain traction.

Star Parker: Gay Marriage is 'Bringing Horrible Hostility Into The Public Square' - Read the entire item and listen to what she says (if you have a strong stomach). She is basically whining about gay adoption. Pretty nasty of this woman who runs an organization, CURE, which only exists to give her token black conservative status at right-wing events. 

 Slut-Shaming Through the Disclosure of HIV Positive Status: Danny Pintauro's Recent HIV Positive Announcement - This is a pretty damn good article and I'm glad it was posted because I wanted to work Danny Pintauro's announcement in today's news briefs in a way of relevance and not of gossip. 

 Stonewall Gets What It Deserves, Tanks at the Box Office - As I get older, the Stonewall uprising is reminding me more and more of The Andy Griffith Show episode, 'The Battle of Mayberry.' That's the episode where everyone in town gives self-aggrandizement to their personal ancestor as the person who really won the battle for the town when in reality, no one knew the actual truth. There. I said what I've been feeling about this entire controversy almost since it started.  

Obama: Religious Freedom Is Not A License To Deny Others Their Constitutional Rights - That's MY president who said that. . .

The media's love affair with a certain anti-gay hate group . . .

I ran this as part of my news briefs last week, but it needs to have a post of its own to reiterate the point that lgbts need to pay attention to what's being pushed in the media. You think Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council would be getting as much respect if it were an openly racist or anti-Semitic group?

Friday, September 25, 2015

'Twitter HATES Kim Davis' & other Friday midday news briefs

The "People Court of Twitter" has found Kim Davis guilty

Kim Davis Goes On Fox News For Sympathy, Twitter Eviscerates Her (TWEETS) - Even Twitter despises Kim Davis. 

John Boehner To Resign From Congress At End Of October - My friends, anything this monumental happening in Congress will have repercussions for the lgbt community. Boehner has never been our friend, but I do feel sorry for him because in the end, it was the nuts in his own party who drove him crazy. He is merely abandoning The Titanic before it shoves off.

 Biphobia Is Hurting The Health Of Bisexual People - Read and understand.

  If You Think 'Straight-Acting' Is An Acceptable Term, You're An A**hole - PREEEEEACH! I am so proud to call Noah Michelson a friend and one of my mentors (only because he puts up with my Facebook wailings.)