Friday, July 31, 2015

'Competing pro-gay and & 'religious liberty' bills in Congress' & other Fri midday news briefs

In Congress, competing bills promote LGBT rights and religious liberty - Those still celebrating our marriage equality victory are missing out on all of the fun. "Religious liberty" vs. "lgbt equality." Well you know who I AM rooting for (btw a few more retweets wouldn't hurt. hint, hint, hint):
Modern-Day Martin Luthers Show Support for Ousted Gay Methodist Minister - More proof that when the media talks about lgbt issues, they generally let anti-gay evangelicals bogart the issue. They aren't the only folks of faith and a lot of the others actually support the lgbt community.

Gen Con Threatens to Pull $50 Million Convention Out of Indiana If LGBT Protections Are Abandoned - How do I put this . . . . HAHAHAHA!

Rep. Steve King Says Obergefell Ruling Means You Can Marry a Lawnmower - My lawnmower may not be able to sign a marriage certificate, but dag it's got BACK! Just don't turn it on. Like any other spouse, it never shuts up. 

Restaurant Owner Overwhelmed By New Business After Standing Up To An Anti-Gay Bully - I just love a happy ending.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gay leaders are NOT a threat to Boy Scouts - here is the proof

Now that the Boy Scouts have moved in the direction of allowing local chapters decide whether or not gays can serve as scoutmasters, various anti-gay groups and personalities are playing the homosexuality = pedophilia card and spinning stories of boys being molested by gay men.

Of course this is untrue and my friend Matt Baume has just come out with a video refuting the horror story:

'Anti-gay right stirring up lies in Houston again' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Todd Starnes will be stirring up lies in Houston soon.
The Next Major LGBT Rights Battle Is Happening In Houston - And Conservatives Are Telling Its Story - Here we go again with Houston. Like any good horror movie monster, the anti-gay right keep coming with their lies. We just have to build better ways to debunk them. Getting tired is for wimps.  

Daily Show Debunks ‘Anti-Christian Discrimination’ Myth - Jon Stewart may be leaving but as long as The Daily Show keeps running these vignettes, I'm cool. 

Same-Sex Couples Are Securing Retroactive Recognition Of Their Marriages - Now this is nice. I TOTALLY approve! 

 In a Word, What It Means to Be Gay - "Magic. A whole lot of magic." (Bet you don't know what movie THAT came from.)  

Anti-Gay Baker Claims He Is Really Battling Satan, Nazism - You turned down an order from a lesbian couple and then shared their personal information on Facbook, you NIMROD. I fail to see the comparison.  

Pat Robertson: Gays Can Become Straight If They 'Start Acting Like Men' - And now, I am speechless . . .

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rep. Louie Gohmert fails to debunk homosexuality, does prove that God has a weird sense of humor

Both the saddest and scariest thing about the following comment made by Rep. Louis Gohmert R-Texas (to a group of young conservatives. Pray for them even if you're an atheist.) is not that he actually thinks it makes sense. It's that he is a practically an unbeatable elected official in a conservative territory and his party is the majority in the House. This means that if he isn't already, he could be head of a committee which the very livelihood of Americans could depend on.

When you ignore some homophobes, they don't go away. They just get elected to public office, proving that maybe God has a weird sense of humor.

Rep. Louie Gohmert R-Texas
"We could take four heterosexual couples, married, and put them on an island where they have everything they need to sustain life. Then take four all-male couples and put them on an island with all they need to sustain life, take four couples of women, married, and put them on an island, and let’s come back in 100 to 200 years and see which one nature says is the preferred marriage""

I don't think I can add anything to that except wouldn't it be scary to contemplate that Gohmert could live 100 to 200 years?

'The anti-gay right's obsession with gay butts' & other Wed midday news briefs

Peter LaBarbera (seen in both pics) likes to talk about gay anal sex.

Paging Dr. Freud: These 9 antigay crusaders have an unshakable obsession with men’s buttholes - As much as it kinda makes me feel uncomfortable to a degree, we do need to have a real conversation on the fact that many anti-lgbt activists reduce all of our lives to matters of anal sex, as if it is something that all gay men and no heterosexuals participate in.

 'They Want To Let Sodomites Queer Our Country': How Christian GOP Activists Lobbied TX AG On SCOTUS - When folks say we should ignore anti-gay groups and personalities, I will now point out THIS reason why we shouldn't. No matter how disgustingly crazy they may seem, when they have the ear of any government official, we got trouble.

Judge Throws Out Key Argument In Transgender Student Restroom Case - Read the ENTIRE article. This is the very definition of an "activist judge" the religious right likes to criticize. But they won't be criticizing HIM anytime soon. 

The Same-Sex Couple Turned Away By Sweet Cakes By Melissa Speak Out - Yes! We need to read the couple's side. The anti-gay right truly monopolized this controversy. 

Baptist Pastor Sends An Open Letter To The LGBT Community - It's not a nice letter. Feel free to laugh.

 Far-Right Pastor: Christians 'Should've Stormed The Capitol' To Protest Gay Marriage - Oh please. The 'Christians' he refers to are more secure with sitting in comfortable pews in air conditioned churches while wringing their hands in sadness about how "persecuted" they are.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Anti-gay groups counting on national 'religious freedom' bill to curtail lgbt equality

For those who have been wondering about my tweets this week, they weren't solely to promote my booklet. It's because the following, according to Media Matters, is coming and the lgbt community should be ready for it:

In response to the Supreme Court's historic marriage equality ruling, conservative media has endorsed a newly proposed federal bill called the "First Amendment Defense Act" (FADA). Though conservatives have touted FADA as an effort to protect religious liberty, critics warn the bill would undermine the government's ability to combat anti-gay discrimination. 

And what damage can the FADA do? Plenty. This is just one of a few examples listed. I suggest folks read the Media Matters link for others:

ACLU: FADA Would "Open A Pandora's Box Of Taxpayer Funded Discrimination." Ian S. Thompson, legislative director for the American Civil Liberties Union, highlighted FADA's far-reaching consequences:
[P]rominent members of the House of Representatives, as well as leading anti-LGBT organizations, are pushing a bill - disingenuously titled the First Amendment Defense Act - that would open the door to unprecedented taxpayer-funded discrimination against LGBT people, single mothers, and unmarried couples. Its parade of horribles would:
  • allow federal contractors or grantees, including those that provide important social services like homeless shelters or drug treatment programs, to turn away LGBT people or anyone who has an intimate relationship outside of a marriage 
  • let commercial landlords violate longstanding fair housing laws by refusing housing to a single mother based on the religious belief that sexual relations are properly reserved for marriage 
  • permit a university to continue to receive federal financial assistance even when it fires an unmarried teacher simply for becoming pregnant 
  • permit government employees to discriminate against married same-sex couples and their families - federal employees could refuse to process tax returns, visa applications, or Social Security checks for all married same-sex couples 
  • allow businesses to discriminate by refusing to let gay or lesbian employees care for their sick spouse, in violation of family medical leave laws [ACLU, 7/20/15]

Media Matters also points out that FADA has been built on inaccurate talking points funneled via the media by anti-gay groups - i.e. claims that churches will be forced to marry gay couples or lose their tax-exempt statuses or that religious schools be targeted by the IRS for being against marriage equality.

However, Media Matters failed to mention the anecdotal horror stories of "Christian" businesses being supposedly forced to serve gay customers and clerks of courts who object to issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. I'm sure these examples will play a huge part in the GOP and anti-gay groups attempting to pass this bill.

And when I say anti-gay groups, I mean the usual suspects, i.e. the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, the Liberty Counsel. For years, these groups have demonized gays via lies, distorted science, and fear mongering designed to exploit the ignorance of those who believe that homosexuality is a sin.

This is just another attempt by them to do more of the same. Par for the vulgar course.

'Anger at new Boy Scout policy, minister wants to scare lgbt juvenile offenders' & other Tues midday news briefs

In case you haven't heard, yesterday the Boy Scouts lifted its ban on gay Scout leaders, which means gays can serve as scouts and leaders. First out of the gate weeping and knashing is Rev. Gordon Klingenschmitt with horror stories of gays molesting young boys. Now before you ask why should we care what a crazy homophobe thinks, I should tell you that this particular crazy homophobe is a Colorado state legislator. Like him or not, he has a degree of power. Scary, isn't it?

Minister Fights For Right To Counsel LGBT Juvenile Offenders That They’re Going To Hell - Oh hell naw!!  

VIDEO: South Carolina Pastor Rails Against Sex Education - Naturally he rails against us lgbts. 

 Sen. Jeff Merkley: It Doesn’t 'Feel Right' To Separate LGBT Equality Act From 1964 Civil Rights Act - Amen. 

Gay teacher’s honesty inspires student to come out - Wonderful article!

Monday, July 27, 2015

How much of a two-faced hypocrite is the Rev. Franklin Graham? This much . . .

President Obama's recent visit and subsequent statement on the persecution of Kenyan lgbts have caused a lot of talk.

The Rev. Franklin Graham expressed his opinion via Facebook:

Bear in mind that Obama wasn't lecturing anyone. He was simply speaking out against the persecution of lgbts in Kenya; persecution includes a jail sentence up to 14 years for simply being gay, as well as being beaten, raped, or murdered for the same reason.

The fact that a "minister of God" is more concerned with attacking someone who speaks out against  persecution rather than the persecution itself is bad enough. But with that criticism, Graham brought new meaning to the term "hypocrite."  Below the entry chastising is this one from July 25:

I will not play the "Oppression Olympics" here. I refuse to. Kenyan lgbts and Mrs. Bibi are both victims of persecution. There is no difference between the two situations. Except for in Graham's mind.

How can a man who claims to follow Christ speak against one form of persecution (religious) and then turn a blind eye another form. How can a man of Christ actually criticize someone for speaking up for the victims he deliberately ignores?

A better question would be does Franklin feel that lgbt Kenyans deserve to be put in jail, chased by mobs, brutally raped, or murdered because of the so-called sin of homosexuality?

If so, he is NO man of God.  What he should be called is something I will not repeat for the sake of the children and those with sensitive stomachs who read this blog

'Obama stands up for Kenyan lgbts, how you can help defeat 'religious liberty' lie' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Obama stands up for Kenyan lgbts

Obama Defends Gay Rights on Kenya Trip - I have objected tremendously to some of the headlines and spin of this story. Obama did NOT lecture anyone regardless of what some headlines say. Nor was he smacked down. After being warned not to, Obama simply took a stand for gay Kenyans who are being brutalized and persecuted in their own country.

 Welcome To Lesbian History Week - I feel embarrassed about not knowing about this. But now that I do, it's a wonderful idea for education.

The Texas Supreme Court Just Upended Houston’s LGBT Protections - What happened Friday was some bull#@!%. Even though there are clearly not enough signatures because of irregularities, read what the court said. It will get you furious.

Lawsuit Claims That People Who Want LGBT Americans Treated Equally Are The Real Bigots - This lawsuit could have a NASTY effect on lgbt equality. I would like to say that this clerk won't win, but I don't want to jinx it.

For Transgender Americans, Legal Battles Over Restrooms - An ugly battle which our transgender brothers and sisters DID NOT start but we will ALL finish it with them.

 Last but not least:

I know some folks didn't get to see this morning's post. If you want to read it, go here. However to make matters simple, I announced a twitter campaign to remind folks about the reality behind the "religious liberty" argument. I developed a series of tweets featuring the words and lies of  groups and personalities behind this "religious liberty nonsense. The purpose is to educate and remind people that the "religious liberty" is merely homophobia with a soft touch propagated by folks with a long history of demonizing the lgbt community. If you don't want to read the article, then just retweet the following. They are the first in a series. Trust me when I say that they are mere "cocktail canape" when compared to future tweets I have developed:

THIS is how we defeat the 'religious liberty' lie

One thing missing from this conversation about "religious liberty" are the facts about the groups behind it. While the media and our community focuses on the clerks, bakers, and other businesses who are suddenly claiming a "God exemption" to not treat us as regular taxpayers or take our business, very few people seem to be talking about the groups and personalities who have successfully made the phrase "religious liberty" one we are all repeating.

In other words, it's a crock masterminded by anti-gay groups behind the push against marriage equality and the push against lgbt non-discrimination ordinances before that and the push against gay adoption or gays teaching in schools before that. I think you get the picture here.

"Religious liberty" has nothing to do with protecting people's religious beliefs.  It's merely ugly, stale homophobia in a new package. Rip that package off and you will find the same mindset of bigotry propagated by the same anti-gay groups and personalities who make their living off of exploiting that bigotry.

Last weekend, I developed a few tweets which focuses on questionable words and actions of the people and groups behind the "religious liberty" argument. The tweets also question WHY would the national GOP want to work with these individuals and groups to create a sort of federal religious liberty law.  Included is a link to my booklet where people can read more info about how these groups spread anti-gay propaganda.

By all means, please "favorite" and retweet the following below. And remember that it's only the first batch. I am presently working on the second batch and they are doozies:

Friday, July 24, 2015

'Anti-marriage equality book condemned for being weak, unoriginal' & other Fri midday news briefs

Ryan T. Anderson's latest anti-marriage equality book blasted for being weak, unoriginal.

Ryan T. Anderson Accidentally Highlights The Weakness Of The Lost Fight Against Marriage Equality - Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation is supposed to be the new, more intellectual voice of the anti-marriage equality movement. However, you wouldn't know that from his newest book. With fallacies galore, anti-gay dog whistles, and ridiculous arguments which ignore reality, Anderson AND his book serves as a metaphor to why the anti-marriage equality movement lost at SCOTUS. With his wonderfully vicious, but true review of Anderson's book, Zack Ford of Think Progress shows that a pound of sugar sprinkled on stale food doesn't obscure the simple fact that it's still stale food. And rumor control has it that Anderson is FURIOUS at Zack for his review so you KNOW what Zack wrote was good.

Lesbian couple breaks silence: We filed complaint against Oregon bakery to ‘stop being bullied’ - Yet again how we lose when anti-gay groups bombard the press with their anecdotal lies of "gay bullies." We are just NOW hearing the other side of the story regarding the anti-gay Oregon bakery.  

The GOP Plan to Stoke Anti-Gay Bigotry in 2016 - Michelangelo Signorile hits ANOTHER home run. We have GOT to stop underestimating anti-gay groups and their power. While we are celebrating marriage equality, they are recalibrating their message and there is NO excuse for us to be in a situation to again play catch-up.  

Ted Cruz’s Hearing on Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality ‘Tyranny’ - Ted Cruz will NEVER be president, but I don't envision him leaving the Senate any time soon. He makes me ALMOST miss Jesse Helms.  

Obama Ignores African Leaders’ Calls to Keep Quiet on Gay Rights - Just to be clear, that's MY president who did that (two snaps up!)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Video: How Fox News helps the anti-gay right push false 'religious liberty' talking point

As this video demonstrates, the pivot from attempting to stop marriage equality to the false talking point of "protecting religious liberty" is rather easy for the anti-gay right, particularly when they have an entire propaganda network (under the guise of "covering the news) helping them marshal the technique. I sincerely hope that years from now, people will look back at Fox News with the same disgust as the majority of us now look at McCarthyism.

'Maddow schools Santorum, Disney is aiding in the 'gay agenda'' & other Thur midday news briefs

Rachel Maddow
“You’re fundamentally wrong on civics”: Rachel Maddow schools Rick Santorum on the Constitution - Maddow had more restraint than me. I would have gone for the jugular, figuratively of course. 

AP, Florida Media Call Transgender Homicide Victim A "Man Dressed As A Woman" - It wouldn't hurt these folks to show respect to the young lady. I want to say other stuff, but young lgbts read this blog.

 GOP Outrage With Roberts Court Over 'Judicial Tyranny' Reaches Fever Pitch - In which we learn that the term "judicial tyranny" is merely a catchphrase used by the losers of court cases to cover up the fact that they did a slack job defending their point of view, such as in the case of marriage equality.  

Here's The Next Major Fight For The LGBT Community - Oh this is gonna be good!

 Some LGBT advocates not on board with Equality Act  - . . . as soon as we iron out some things. 

 Kerry raises LGBT rights with Nigerian president - Good! Lgbt equality and safety is a worldwide issue. Let's never forget that.  

BarbWire Pundit: Kids Are 'Being Seduced And Devoured By The Disney Demoniacs' - Oh come on. I had just a LITTLE crazy to the news briefs.