Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Anti-gay KY clerk Kim Davis, supporters outmaneuvered with double whammy

It's just as we figured. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis not only refused to follow her duties but she proceeded to channel Joan of Arc on her way to the stake. You can read highlights via THIS  link regarding her nasty, illegal behavior.

However, my usual news briefs are postponed today due to the tweets which just came in:

Davis's contempt of court hearing will most likely be this week via a tweet from reporter Dan Griffin of  WSAZ News Channel 3.

Griffin's other tweet includes THIS lovely cherry on top for those of us wanting to see justice done:

Some of you all may be angry at this, but if you read my morning post, you will know that this is a serious strike against the plans of Davis, her lawyers at the Liberty Counsel, and supporters. After all, how can Davis be a good "martyr" for "religious liberty" without any pictures or televised footage of her being led away in handcuffs or put in jail.

It demonstrates that those on our side of the spectrum know exactly the game being played and are willing to play that game themselves.

The last page of their motion is simply their way of telling Davis - "Girlfriend, you ain't slick!"

Check and mate.

Related post - Kim Davis is symbol of the desperate anti-gay right

Kim Davis is symbol of the desperate anti-gay right

Kim Davis

If Kim Davis refuses to comply and give out marriage licenses today, then the lgbt community should be aware of her game and the game of those exploiting her.

It's all about optics, folks.

This is solely my opinion, but I am betting that she and the Liberty Counsel - the anti-gay hate group "advising her"  - want Davis to be held in contempt. Davis herself wants to be a sacrificial lamb for the so-called cause of religious liberty, no matter how unfair her stance is against gay couples who fought and won the right to marry the correct and American way.

For years anti-gay groups have fought against marriage equality via lies, distorted studies, religious doctrine, and basic fear tactics. In the arena of public opinion, they were successful  by spinning false narratives of gays attempting to corrupt children and destroy the concept of marriage.

It was when that argument moved away from the public arena and to the courts that they began to losing. As attorney David Boies noted after the Proposition 8 trial, the witness stand is indeed a lonely place to lie. And though they fooled the American people with horror stories, the anti-gay right failed miserably to do this in the courts, i.e. the place where logic prevails. The place where you cannot get away with blatant lies.

So when you are moved from an arena where you have been successful to one which all but guarantees your failure, what do you do? Somehow move the argument back to the arena where you have had past successes.

Or in this case, find a patsy so full of religious entitlement and in a position where the outcome has the potential to be as severe as possible and somehow convince her to sacrifice her name, reputation, and livelihood  on the false altar of a higher purpose.

Can you imagine what would happen if we ever got to the point where somehow Davis would be put in jail, or at the very least led away in handcuffs in front of the televised and print media who would play the clip and run the photos continuously and on a worldwide scale?

It's not simply a coincidence that  there has been little to no debate about Davis from the usual suspects at Fox News, the Family Research Council, or many other major anti-gay right-wing source and personalities.

I bet they are biding their time for the right moment. And Davis becoming an official symbol, or martyr if you will would be JUST the right time.

Can't you just envision Fox News' Todd Starnes giving us all sorts of personal details about Davis which would make her sound like a latter day June Cleaver.  Or O'Reilly, Hannity, or other Fox News mentalities having one-sided discussions supporting her with like-minded pundits. Or Greta Van Susteren, Andrea Tanatros, Megyn Kelly, or Glen Gutfield finding insignificant reasons having nothing to do with the subject at hand to throw a little sympathy her way.

Then there would be the columns, probably already written and ready to be inserted in prominent publications like The Washington Post and Politico by conservative think tanks and publications such as the Heritage Foundation or the National Review.

And let's not forget the public events at state houses and stadiums filled with self-righteous evangelicals all bamboozled by speakers like Sen. Ted Cruz, Rev. Franklin Graham, or Family Research Council president Tony Perkins with their lies of how Christians are supposedly under attack and how churches and pastors will be "next."

Who cares about the fact that Kim Davis is a government official who feels that she is above the law. Who care that this controversy is her own doing. The optics of her so-called martyrdom would be all that matters.

 I doubt the outcome of all of this would be the elimination of marriage equality, but  it would have the potential to galvanize those against lgbt equality in general on such a scale that it would have detrimental consequences on other battles we are fighting, including that of preventing the bullying of our children, stopping attacks against the transgender community, and securing anti-discrimination ordinances in housing, employment, etc.

And also, just in time for the 2016 elections. How very convenient .

Like I stated before, this is solely my opinion. Kim Davis is willfully allowing herself to manipulated via her religious beliefs.  The lgbt community, in spite of our righteous indignation, should also have a care to stop and take in the entire situation at hand.

Sooner or later, Davis will either follow the law or be removed.  The point here is seeing and especially pointing out how her situation is less about religious beliefs and more about the desperation of a cynical group obsessed with stopping lgbt equality anyway they can by exploiting anyone they can.

Monday, August 31, 2015

SCOTUS to anti-gay KY clerk Kim Davis - Do your job

SCOTUS tells Davis that SHE should 'talk to the hand.'

This just came in from MSNBC via the Associated Press:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a Kentucky county clerk's request to deny gay marriage licenses on the basis of religious objections.  The court issued the one-line order without explanation.
Kim Davis, the clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, "holds an undisputed sincerely held religious belief that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, only," her lawyers had said in an application after the Supreme Court ruled earlier this summer that same-sex marriage was legal across the country.
Immediately after the Supreme Court's June 26th gay marriage ruling, Kentucky's governor, Steve Beshear, ordered all the state's county clerks to comply with the decision and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
When Davis refused, citing her religious objection, couples seeking licenses sued, and a federal judge ordered her to comply. Last week a three-judge panel of the Sixth Court of Appeals agreed. The Supreme Court decision on Monday denied Davis' request for a stay while she pursues an appeal.
It's not clear exactly what Davis will do when her office opens Tuesday. Her attorney said she will pray about it overnight.

It is now YOUR move, Ms. Davis and the Liberty Counsel (her lawyers). Whatever the case may be, tomorrow morning in Kentucky will probably be more anticipated than Superbowl kick-off.

'D-Day is here for anti-gay KY clerk Kim Davis' & other Mon midday news briefs

Enough stalling. Kim Davis must follow the law and that's it.

Kim Davis must issue same-sex marriage licenses starting today - D-Day arrives for anti-gay clerk Kim Davis. If she does what she is supposed to do, I will be highly surprised.

South Dakota Lawmaker Proposes Genital Inspections For Trans High School AthletesLawd hammercy! 

Open Letter to Parents of Gay Kids: This Is Not About You - This is a wonderful letter! 

 HIV Testing Is Down And STDs Are Up As New York City Closes Free Clinics - This is NOT, repeat, NOT good.

Anti-gay leader claims KY clerk Kim Davis is trying to save the freedom of churches

A lot of attention has been doled out to Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk AND elected government official who refuses to grant gay couples their legal right to marry because of her so-called "religious liberty."

Unfortunately, not that much attention has been given to the anti-gay group advising and exploiting her, The Liberty Counsel.  While this becomes an issue of personalities (Kim Davis vs. the lgbt community) and a false narrative on religious liberty, the SPLC-designated hate group has cleverly allowed itself to be hidden in the shadows, pulling the strings and directing the traffic.

That is until now. Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver recently talked to the American Family Association (another anti-lgbt hate group)'s phony news source One News Now as to why it is important for Davis to get her way.

Perhaps he should have kept his mouth shut:

"Kim Davis is not the only person to have this issue within the last few months since the Supreme Court opinion," Staver tells OneNewsNow. "But she certainly represents many people, not just clerks, but others and a wide variety of businesses and professions and occupations that are having their free exercise rights challenged." The attorney warns that churches will be next "on the chopping block," echoing a warning from pro-family leaders in recent weeks after the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling in June.

One News Now's piece would have been more accurate if it had said  that Staver was echoing a lie  Since marriage equality was declared legal by SCOTUS, no church has been forced to marry a gay couple, i.e. having its "free exercise challenged." And no church will ever be forced in such a position.

 Most of all, Staver knows this.

There is an old saying which goes "it's better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."

In Staver's case,  I think the saying would be more appropriate if the word "fool" was replaced with "pathetically blatant liar."

Friday, August 28, 2015

It is time that the lgbt community shift this so-called culture war and put anti-gay liars on the run

This booklet is key for lgts to put the anti-gay right on the defensive.

It's the weekend, which means I will now engage in shameless self-promotion.

As most of you are aware - and probably tired of me mentioning - in 2013, I authored a free online booklet on anti-gay propaganda, How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America.

To the right are two places where you can read and download it free of charge.

However, I would suggest that you try the new adobe acrobat site. It brings you directly to the booklet, where you can also read, save, and share it free of charge.

My booklet exposes::

How false claims about the lgbt community haven’t changed in over the past 30 years,

The constant flow of researchers and physicians who complain that anti-gay groups distort their work to denigrate the lgbt community,

The simple fact that there is no cohesion in the accusations anti-gay groups make against the lgbt community (i.e. how can lgbts be sad, pathetic people if they make more money than the “regular population” or “recruit” children, control Hollywood, but yet have time to engage in lots of sexual intercourse),

And what the lgbt community, and our media, should be doing to make the public more aware of how anti-gay groups exploit religious beliefs about lgbts in order to peddle their lies.

And with marriage equality now a reality,  this booklet is needed.  Our opposition is slowly transforming themselves to the so-called victims of an alleged onslaught of gays seeking to maliciously destroy their way of life.

It's a false narrative aided by the fact that there has been little to no attention on their past exploits to reduce lgbt lives to caricatures of over-sexed, diseased monsters.

The general media will do very little to correct this narrative. That's an unfortunate, but well-known fact. And I hate to say it, but our own media, too busy with topographical cultural icons and somewhat annoying arguments over academic terms having little or nothing to do with the actualities of lgbt lives are derelict in calling these people out.

That is now our job- the ordinary lgbt citizen who merely wants to live our lives in peace. We must take it upon ourselves to call out, educate, and demand the truth be told.

Don't let anti-gay groups like the Liberty Counsel exploit willful idiots like Kentucky clerk Kim Davis without reminding the world about their history of vile homophobia.

Don't let groups like the Family Research Council seize the narrative on what is the true definition of Christianity without demanding that they give an account on their distortions of legitimate science.

And don't let anti-gay groups and personalities plot and plan their next move against our God-given equality unscathed without letting them know that we know every move they make and every lie they tell because we have studied their past techniques.

THIS BOOKLET is the first step. It is the primary step and hopefully it won't be the last into shifting this so-called culture battle into one from lgbts having to constantly explain our existence to our opposition FINALLY explaining their long oxymoronic history of lies and propaganda done in God's name.

The new site to read, download, save, and send out How They See Us is here. Take advantage of it. In less than a month, it has reached over 10,000 reads. Let's make the second 10,000 in a shorter time.

I hope that my booklet is just the beginning and that someone else publishes a better tome free of elitist academic language and embraces the commonality of simple truth-telling and how it can inspire a community.

'Anti-gay activist needs $25,000 to promote unnecessary law' & other Fri midday news briefs

Jonathan Saenz
Anti-LGBT activist who was ditched for another woman wants $25,000 to promote ‘pastor protection law’ - Uh pastors are NOT forced to marry gay couples. But if people want to waste $25,000, I would suggest they send it to me. 

Calgary Driver Says He'll Quit If Forced To Drive Pride Bus - Hey Kim Davis, take some notes. Even though I really don't understand his problem. Sounds like a fun bus.

CNN's Bizarrely Homophobic Coverage Of The Virginia Shooter - I am not saying a word. If I start raising hell over this situation, I won't be able to stop cursing. Just read this wonderful piece by Carlos Maza.

 How a Kentucky Clerk Became an Ultimate Symbol of Bigotry - I have to disagree with Michelangelo Signorile here. If Kim Davis faces any jail time for her illegal actions, the right may view it as a victory which they can exploit, but ultimately it will be a serious loss. As I said yesterday, if she had a private business, she would have more leverage. However, folks aren't exactly on the side of a government official who has decided that she will NOT do her job AND deserves to get paid taxpayer money for the "privilege."

  Rafael Cruz: 'The Devil Overplayed His Hand' With SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision - Don't be alarmed, Rafael. The devil still has your crazy behind talking.

Houston newspaper DEBUNKS lies about 'transgender bathroom predators'

Welcome to today's world when we get excited because a newspaper does the job it is SUPPOSED to do.

From Equality Matters:

The Houston Chronicle thoroughly debunked a popular myth being peddled by opponents of the Houston Equal rights Ordinance (HERO). Other Houston news outlets, which have been uncritically repeating the false talking point for months, should follow the Chronicle's lead.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, or HERO, is a broad non-discrimination ordinance that was passed by Houston's City Council in 2014. HERO prohibits discrimination in areas like housing, employment, and city contracts on the basis of 15 characteristics, including race, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Anti-LGBT conservatives in Houston have fought to repeal the ordinance, successfully lobbying to put HERO up for a public vote on Houston's November ballot.

Since the start of the debate over HERO, Houston media outlets have made a consistent habit of uncritically repeating right-wing misinformation about the ordinance, including peddling the widely-debunked myth that HERO would allow sexual predators to sneak into women's restrooms by pretending to be transgender - a bogus talking point championed by HERO's opponents.

In an August 25 columnThe Houston Chronicle's Lisa Falkenberg did what other local news outlets have failed to do - investigated and debunked the bogus "bathroom bill" claim:
The so-called HERO ordinance, which will appear on the November ballot, really has little to do with potty time. It's about protecting people against discrimination in employment, housing and other sectors. It protects gay and transgender people, but also bans discrimination based on sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy and genetic information, as well as family, marital or military status. So why are we talking about bathrooms? Because one small aspect of it would let transgender people use the bathroom of their choice.
That means a transgender woman who may wear dresses and makeup can use the women's restroom, rather than turning heads at the urinals. A transgender man who may sport lumberjack attire and a burly beard can use the men's restroom. It's really quite simple. It's about reducing drama, not creating it. As one transgender activist explains in a popular Twitter hashtag, #wejustneedtopee.
This simple accommodation has become the bogeyman's best weapon. Critics suggest it will lead to men dressing up as women to assault women and girls in bathrooms.
As Richard Carlbom with the pro-ordinance Houston Unites campaign told the Chronicle: "Nothing in the equal rights ordinance changes the fact that it is - and always will be - illegal to enter a restroom to harm or harass other people."
If this ordinance posed a real danger, opponents wouldn't have to find some future parent to feign fear of becoming a victim "one day." They could surely find a real victim in one of the other cities that passed anti-discrimination ordinances decades ago.
In 1997, the city of Cambridge became one of the first jurisdictions in Massachusetts to amend its human rights ordinance to include gender identity and expression, police spokesman Jeremy Warnick said Tuesday.
He sent me the full testimony of police Superintendent Christopher Burke before the state House in 2011, advocating for a statewide bill for transgender equal rights.
Burke, speaking "as a member of the law enforcement community, husband, father and citizen," testified that the bill would not harm women and children. He said there had been no incidents or issues regarding people abusing the Cambridge ordinance.
Massachusetts passed the law. Houstonians should do the same.
Even if you insist on voting against it, pick another reason. Maybe you don't want to condone a transgender lifestyle. Maybe you believe protections for some groups are already extended by federal law, and you don't want a local ordinance that could offer relief more quickly and less expensively for your fellow Houstonians.
But don't vote against the ordinance because of urban myths about sexual predators in bathrooms. Sexual predators exist. But if they wanted to attack you in a public bathroom, they wouldn't need a city ordinance to do it.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

'Anti-gay KY clerk appeals to SCOTUS' & other Thur midday news briefs

Kim Davis

Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Defies Court For Third Time, Appeals To SCOTUS - Most specifically, her lawyers at the anti-gay Liberty Counsel will be appeal to SCOTUS. I have no idea what SCOTUS will do, but I am baffled by the Liberty Counsel's actions in this entire situation. First of all, with anti-gay groups uniquely talented at choosing people who can stand as symbols for their positions, choosing this woman is an abysmal decision. We aren't talking about a private business where there could be a bit of leverage here. We are talking about a government official who will not do her job and has made it clear that it's not about her "religious liberty" per se, but the fact that marriage equality shouldn't exist. In the public arena, Davis is not popular because of that fact. People tend to get angry at public officials not wanting to do their jobs. Right now, I think Kim Davis and the Liberty Counsel has the potential to wreck the anti-gay talking point of religious liberty before they can really get anything from it. 

A Lesbian Officer Maligned in Ted Cruz’s Religious Liberty Ad Tells Her Side of the Story - About time that this old anecdote is destroyed. It's been exploited by several groups, including the Family Research Council in several letters asking for donations.  

Same-sex documentary banned in Australian schools - This is what the anti-gay right in America wants to accomplish here - to deliberately omit our families.  

Watch Bernie Slam Republicans For ‘Family Values’ Hypocrisy: You Know What They REALLY Mean - It's about time SOMEBODY did.

Denver Lawmaker Posts Screenshots Of Racist Threatening Hate Mail After Criticizing Chick-Fil-A - Letters from folks claiming to be Christians. Nauseating.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Anti-gay clerk fails again in court, other anti-gay clerk says he will die fighting marriage equality

Kim Davis loses again

Word has come down that anti-gay Rowan County Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has lost another round in her refusal to give marriage licenses to gay couples.:

According to the AP:

A federal appeals court has upheld a ruling ordering a Kentucky county clerk to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis objects to issuing same-sex marriage licenses for religious reasons. She stopped issuing marriage licenses the day after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned state bans on same-sex marriage.
Two gay couples and two straight couples sued her. A U.S. district judge ordered Davis to issue the marriage licenses, but later delayed his order so that Davis could have time to appeal to the 6th circuit. Wednesday, the appeals court denied Davis' request for a stay.
An attorney for Davis said he was disappointed in the ruling and that Davis could appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. He said he did not know how Davis would react to the ruling.

I know how she is going to react. She is probably sewing her martyr dress. She has start doing her complete job on Monday and I have a feeling girlfriend won't do it.

Casey Davis (no relation) .
Meanwhile, another Kentucky clerk, Casey County clerk Casey Davis (no relation to Kim) just went full fledged drama queen over his refusal to give out marriage licenses to gay couples.

According to Right Wing Watch:

On Monday, Casey County Clerk Casey Davis (no relation) appeared on Huntington, West Virginia’s “The Tom Roten Morning Show” to discuss how he similarly plans to defy the courts if ordered to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples … even to the point of death.

Please ignore your eagerness to make fun of the man's accent. Just be spellbound at his ignorance.

No one fought and died for you to refuse to do your job, my friend. And for God's sakes, NO ONE wants you to lose your life over this matter.

Davis (the Mr.) illustrates the truth about this present so-called idea of religious liberty. Without any prodding, he is already channeling Joan of Arc, Anne Boleyn, all of the Hugenots and various martyrs throughout history.

All gay couples want is for him and Ms. Davis to abide by our LAWFUL right be married or step aside so that someone else can do it.

So PLEASE stop with the phony histronics and do the right thing. It's not about you clerks. It's about US, the gay folks who fought and won the right to marry fair and square.

'Chris Christie bucks GOP 'religious liberty' talking point' & other Wed midday news briefs

Editor's note - There's just no word for this morning's madness. My prayers go out to all involved, especially the family  and friends of the victims. When things like this happen, there is always one thing I am reminded of:

Let's try to get some news briefs going:

Chris Christie
 Watch: Surprise gay marriage proposal at church receives standing ovation - Amid the ugliness, there is still beauty in the world and one shred of beauty is always the sign that we haven't completely gone off the deep end.

 Chris Christie Bucks Party, Opposes Using ‘Religious Liberty’ To Justify Anti-LGBT Discrimination - I'm impressed. Christie shows a momentary sign of gumption. 

 Ted Cruz Encourages Gay Florists To Turn Away Evangelicals - While Ted Cruz continues to go down crazy train. Can you imagine a host of businesses turning away customers for discriminatory reasons? Just madness.

 Pentagon poised to end trans ban in May - Of next year that is. Still, it's progress.

 The New York Times' Stumbling, Problematic Transgender Coverage - The media anti-lgbt boogie. You take two steps forward and they draaaaag you back one (apologies to "Willona" from "Good Times")

Family Research Council still fighting marriage equality via lies & distortions

Family Research Council can't stop lying about marriage equality

Editor's note - The most effective and tiring techniques of anti-gay propaganda is repetition. No matter how many times something they cite has been refuted, anti-gay groups and personalities will repeat the citation. A perfect example of this is a Family Research Council "paper"entitled Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same Sex Marriage, which the organization claims is "trending" on its webpage. I am reposting the 2011 refutation of this monstrosity because knocking down anti-gay distortions is like cooking oatmeal. Every time a lump reappears, you beat it down:

In the piece, Family Research Council is basing the argument against gay marriage on the claim that "children need both a mother and a father."

FRC makes the claim that lesbians household "raising children without a father" is wrong because according to them:

Among other things, we know that fathers excel in reducing antisocial behavior and delinquency in boys and sexual activity in girls.

And gay households "raising children without a mother" is wrong because:

fathers exercise a unique social and biological influence on their children. For instance, a recent study of father absence on girls found that girls who grew up apart from their biological father were much more likely to experience early puberty and a teen pregnancy than girls who spent their entire childhood in an intact family.

However, very little (if any at all) of the literature/studies FRC cites to make these conclusions have anything to do with same-sex households.

When the organization does address the studies involving same-sex households, it throws out an insulting addendum:

A number of leading professional associations have asserted that there are "no differences" between children raised by homosexuals and those raised by heterosexuals. But the research in this area is quite preliminary; most of the studies are done by advocates and most suffer from serious methodological problems. Sociologist Steven Nock of the University of Virginia, who is agnostic on the issue of same-sex civil marriage, offered this review of the literature on gay parenting as an expert witness for a Canadian court considering legalization of same-sex civil marriage:

Through this analysis I draw my conclusions that 1) all of the articles I reviewed contained at least one fatal flaw of design or execution; and 2) not a single one of those studies was conducted according to general accepted standards of scientific research.

This is not exactly the kind of social scientific evidence you would want to launch a major family experiment.

There is a huge problem with FRC citing Nock's testimony. He gave it in 2001. Since that time, there have been numerous other studies , as well as personal stories from children in same-sex households which back up the conclusion that same-sex households are a perfectly fine place to raise children.

Also, Nock's testimony was rejected by other researchers. (*see below)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

'Houston anti-gay group exploiting transgender community to defeat pro-lgbt ordinance' & other Tue midday news briefs

Anti-gay group in Houston seeking to scare people by ignoring THIS reality.

Opponents Of Houston’s LGBT Protections Call Trans Women ‘Filthy, Disgusting, And Unsafe’ - Will exploiting the lies about the transgender community in Houston yield success? I hope not! But to even talk about it takes time away from what the pro-lgbt ordinance in Houston actually does. So if folks want to dip in the war, let's get a way to yank them out. Like so: 

Debunking The Big Myth About Transgender-Inclusive Bathrooms - An old article which bears repeating, along with the much needed graphic (see graphic above) 

 Campus Pride launches national #LGBTQNotSin Campaign - AMEN! I am so tired with anti-gay evangelicals bogarting the argument in regards to faith and religion.  

NOM Funneled Millions To Fight Maine Marriage Equality, But Had Only One Big Donor From The State - If you didn't hear about this, you have been in a cave somewhere. There is a term in theatre called "striking the set." That's when the play is over and folks being removing scenery. NOM, your play is over and we are coming to strike your set. 

 The Way This Dad Reacted When His Son Chose A Doll For A Gift Is Priceless - He gets MY vote for "Father of the Year"  

Cruz: 'Liberal Fascism' Seeks 'To Persecute, To Punish, To Fine' Any Christian Who Opposes Gay Marriage - Get a grip, Teddy. You have the right to oppose marriage equality, but you do NOT have the right to create policies, laws, or engage in actions which will create a system of "anti-gay segregation." You must still treat us as human beings and taxpayers. Deal with it.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A simple, more direct phrase to label 'religious liberty'

You've probably seen the tweet. Still, it's worth repeating because it's worth remembering:

'Anti-gay clerk honored for her homophobia' & other Mon midday news briefs

Kim Davis and how the right is using her to play us for fools.

John Oliver rips into anti-LGBT baker and urges Congress to pass national Equality Act - THANK YOU John Oliver for putting things in an uncomplicated, albeit vulgar, manner. 

Thousands rally for clerks denying gay marriage licenses - I am VERY reluctant to put this news brief in about Kim Davis. Why? Because my lgbt brothers and sisters (particularly my brothers) tend to respond in vulgar misogynistic matters. Listen, what this woman is doing is WRONG and you are correct be angry at her AND those who support her actions. We fought fair and square for marriage equality and won, period. But making fun of your opponent's physical appearance, her personal life, location, economics, etc WILL NOT win us this war. The fact of the matter is that Kim Davis is a PAWN. You really don't think that her course of action just popped into her head by itself, do you? She has, as well as folks like the Klein bakery and other phony religious liberty martyrs, have been manipulated and led by organizations who are using them to undermine lgbt equality. And part of that undermining is to get us so angry that we act like juveniles on the playground rather than adults who should secure what we fairly won. How do we win this? We recognize the difference between the pawns and the puppet masters (the Family Research Council, the Liberty Counsel, the American Family Association, etc.). Then we educate ourselves and EACH OTHER on WHY what Davis is doing is wrong. Most of all, we repeat constantly the fact that gay couples are the ones being discriminated against and deprived, not government officials like Kim Davis who doesn't want to do her job but expect to get paid for it.  And not those who want to bring back segregation, albeit on the basis of sexual orientation.  In this case, the lgbt community is NOT using our righteous indignation in the right manner and it's high time that we stop pussyfooting around and do it.

 On Republicans and their “religious liberty” - And reading this piece is a step in the right direction.

 The 4 Biggest Myths About Transgender Kids Used To Justify Denying Them Health Care - Pay attention. This is about our children.

 Is Ted Cruz Winning The Christian Nation Primary? - Another reason we should recognize the puppet masters. We got a demagogue on our behinds.

What they don't tell you about what religious liberty will lead to

I despise putting such claptrap on my blog but I am a firm believer of studying the opposition in order to win the war.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a recent "Stand for Religious Liberty" video brought to you by presidential candidate Ted Cruz and the business owners in the spotlight for refusing to cater to lgbt customers. Hear them spin their nonsense:

Don't be fooled by their platitudes of love and innocence. No matter how they phrase it, at the end, we are still talking about the following:

Hat tip to Towleroad.